For All Your Calibration, Service, and Installation Needs!

  • Truck Scales 
  • Rail Road Track Scales
  • Fertilizer Scales 
  • Deck (platform) Scales
  • Lab Balances
  • Livestock Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Batching Systems
  • Bulk Load-Out 
  • Custom Applications
  • Concrete Foundation and Scale Installations
  • Product Distributor


IQUBE Digital Diagnostic Junction Box

Maximize scale performance and minimize downtime with iQUBE digital diagnostic junction box, continuous monitoring assures scale system reliability and top performance so your product quality and business profitability are never at risk. Add an iQUBE™ to your application today! 

  • The latest analog to digital technology and open architected design for simple system integration 
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities through indicator visuals and e-mail messages 
  • Reduced troubleshooting time with on-board LEDs that indicate a potential problem and its location 
  • Advanced data collection capabilities for capturing and analyzing information 
  • Flexible migration paths that cater to ongoing growth as scale technology changes
  • Exclusive TuffSeal™ enclosure design seals out moisture

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